Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
(Deemed to be University)

Graduate School Admissions (GS-2019)

JEST2019 based admissions for GS2019

List of students selected for the Ph.D. / Int. Ph.D. Programmes in Physics at TIFR, Mumbai / NCRA, Pune

1 P8000218 Ph.D.  Mr Jay Sandeep Deshmukh DCMPMS
2 4500083 Ph.D.  Mr Bireshwar Roy DCMPMS
3 5000193 Ph.D.  Mr Arijit Sinha DHEP
4 P0300126 Ph.D.  Mr Arnab Ghorui DHEP
5 P5000562 Ph.D.  Mr Jibak Mukherjee DNAP
6 P8100131 Ph.D.  Mr Sambit Ratha DNAP
7 P9600404 Ph.D.  Mr Sreejith C DNAP
8 P3300621 Ph.D.  Mr Vijay DNAP
9 2000059 Ph.D.  Mr Aritra Kumar Gon DTP
10 P4500165 Ph.D.  Mr Nabendu Kumar Khan DTP
11 4500282 Ph.D.  Mr Shikhar Mittal DTP
12 P4100355 Ph.D.  Mr Siddhartha Karmakar DTP
13 P4500313  Ph.D.  Mr Souvik Kundu DTP
14 P4500314 Ph.D.  Ms Sreemayee Aditya DTP
15 P3100719 Int. Ph.D. Mr Manoj Gupta DCMPMS
16 P5100686 Int. Ph.D. Mr Suman Nandi DCMPMS
17 P0200023 Int. Ph.D. Mr Aman Chauhan DHEP
18 P0300447 Int. Ph.D. Mr Ritik Saxena DHEP
19 P4600063 Int. Ph.D. Mr Avijit Maity DNAP
20 P3100127 Int. Ph.D. Mr Harshit Joshi DNAP
21 P5100410 Int. Ph.D. Mr Sk Rakeeb DNAP
22 3000244 Int. Ph.D. Mr Aman Singal DTP
23 P5100495 Int. Ph.D. Mr Souparna Nath DTP
24 P4600259 Int. Ph.D. Mr Ramananda Santra NCRA
25 P3200739 Int. Ph.D. Mr Ravi Shanker NCRA
Note for above JEST registration numbers marked in red:
Earlier offers made trhough GS2019 admissions stands withdrawn.