List of students shortlisted for the second stage of selection
in Mathematics at TIFR, Mumbai on Saturday, March 2, 2019 at 11:00 a.m.
Reporting time : 10:00 a.m.
Please note that this second stage of the admission process in Mathematics is the last stage and there will be no interviews.
Formal interview call emails will be sent soon.

1 TIFR00250 GS2019MTHPHD00470 Mr Rishu  Mittal Ph.D.
2 TIFR00258 GS2019MTHPHD00471 Mr Anirudh  Valiathan Ph.D.
3 TIFR00415 GS2019MTHPHD01197 Mr Sudipta  Das Ph.D.
4 TIFR00617 GS2019MTHPHD00716 Mr Subhadip  Majumder Ph.D.
5 TIFR00920 GS2019MTHPHD00303 Mr Uday Sureshbhai Patel Ph.D.
6 TIFR01179 GS2019MTHPHD00719 Mr Rohit  Sarma Sarkar Ph.D.
7 TIFR01720 GS2019MTHPHD00953 Mr Venkataramana Manikanta  Patnana Ph.D.
8 TIFR02509 GS2019MTHPHD00139 Mr Rakesh  Kumar Ph.D.
9 TIFR03084 GS2019MTHPHD00730 Mr Chayan  Karmakar Ph.D.
10 TIFR03226 GS2019MTHPHD00193 Mr Sridhar  Venkatesh Ph.D.
11 TIFR03789 GS2019MTHPHD00004 Mr Vinay  Sipani Ph.D.
12 TIFR04283 GS2019MTHPHD00516 Mr Shubham  Jain Ph.D.
13 TIFR04284 GS2019MTHPHD00517 Mr Gaurang  Mangal Ph.D.
14 TIFR05461 GS2019MTHPHD01101 Ms V  Varagapriya Ph.D.
15 TIFR05527 GS2019MTHPHD00528 Mr Ashok  Kumar Ph.D.
16 TIFR06189 GS2019MTHPHD00539 Mr Sabyasachi  Dhar Ph.D.
17 TIFR06696 GS2019MTHPHD00027 Mr Kapil  Dev Ph.D.
18 TIFR08628 GS2019MTHPHD00561 Mr Deepak Kumar Yadav Ph.D.
19 TIFR08922 GS2019MTHPHD01322 Mr Arpit  Dwivedi Ph.D.
20 TIFR09701 GS2019MTHPHD01207 Ms Rati  Ludhani Ph.D.
21 TIFR10216 GS2019MTHPHD00319 Mr Mohmedmunavvar Mubarak Bapu Ph.D.
22 TIFR10419 GS2019MTHPHD00261 Mr Swapan  Jana Ph.D.
23 TIFR10425 GS2019MTHPHD00779 Ms Anisha  Dutta Ph.D.
24 TIFR10651 GS2019MTHPHD00320 Mr Sudip  Pandit Ph.D.
25 TIFR10823 GS2019MTHPHD00783 Mr Subhasish  Chanda Ph.D.
26 TIFR11128 GS2019MTHPHD01268 Mr Manav  Gaddam Ph.D.
27 TIFR11494 GS2019MTHPHD00008 Mr Saurav Ph.D.
28 TIFR12017 GS2019MTHPHD00208 Mr Sampurna  Pal Ph.D.
29 TIFR13306 GS2019MTHPHD00805 Mr Arunabha  Mukhopadhyay Ph.D.
30 TIFR13603 GS2019MTHPHD00579 Mr Mohd  Harun Ph.D.
31 TIFR16226 GS2019MTHPHD00601 Mr Manish  Kumar Ph.D.
32 TIFR16543 GS2019MTHPHD01132 Ms Divya Ph.D.
33 TIFR16544 GS2019MTHPHD00602 Mr Devender  Kumar Ph.D.
34 TIFR16719 GS2019MTHPHD01215 Mr Deepanshu  Kush Ph.D.
35 TIFR17447 GS2019MTHPHD00216 Ms Divya Maneesha Ampagouni Ph.D.
36 TIFR17577 GS2019MTHPHD00965 Mr Vishwajeet Sudhakar Bhoite Ph.D.
37 TIFR18876 GS2019MTHPHD00299 Mr Aritra  Bhattacharya Ph.D.
38 TIFR19823 GS2019MTHPHD01613 Ms Anusree  Anand Ph.D.
39 TIFR20051 GS2019MTHPHD00223 Mr Sumanta  Das Ph.D.
40 TIFR20143 GS2019MTHPHD00224 Mr Niladri Sekhar Patra Ph.D.
41 TIFR20395 GS2019MTHPHD00412 Ms Neha Ph.D.
42 TIFR20403 GS2019MTHPHD00857 Ms Pallabi  Manna Ph.D.
43 TIFR20737 GS2019MTHPHD00858 Ms Susmita  Seal Ph.D.
44 TIFR21286 GS2019MTHPHD00627 Mr Kiran Kumar A S Ph.D.
45 TIFR21504 GS2019MTHPHD00968 Ms Saniya Hari Wagh Ph.D.
46 TIFR22261 GS2019MTHPHD01217 Mr Atharva Dilip Korde Ph.D.
47 TIFR22374 GS2019MTHPHD01490 Mr Anik  Pramanick Ph.D.
48 TIFR23947 GS2019MTHPHD00893 Mr Jishnu  Bose Ph.D.
49 TIFR26545 GS2019MTHPHD00977 Mr Swapnil Deepak Malegaonkar Ph.D.
50 TIFR26658 GS2019MTHPHD01223 Mr Reebhu  Bhattacharyya Ph.D.
51 TIFR27165 GS2019MTHPHD00912 Mr Himasish  Talukdar Ph.D.
52 TIFR28986 GS2019MTHPHD00920 Mr Syamantak  Das Ph.D.
53 TIFR30252 GS2019MTHPHD00173 Ms Nibedita  Mohapatra Ph.D.
54 TIFR30456 GS2019MTHPHD00239 Mr Badri Vishal Pandey Ph.D.
55 TIFR30649 GS2019MTHPHD00674 Mr Shivam  Rawat Ph.D.
56 TIFR30678 GS2019MTHPHD00927 Mr Subrata  Dey Ph.D.
57 TIFR31265 GS2019MTHPHD00989 Mr Sujeet Kishor Dhamore Ph.D.
58 TIFR31447 GS2019MTHPHD01288 Mr Krishna  Patra Ph.D.
59 TIFR31506 GS2019MTHPHD00678 Mr Avisheka  Baral Ph.D.
60 TIFR32294 GS2019MTHPHD00241 Mr Raghavendra  Tripathi Ph.D.
61 TIFR32661 GS2019MTHPHD00995 Mr Chinmay Ajay Tamhankar Ph.D.
62 TIFR32951 GS2019MTHPHD00074 Ms Manisha  Mohnani Ph.D.
63 TIFR33031 GS2019MTHPHD00183 Mr Dibyayoti Dhananjay Jena Ph.D.
64 TIFR33133 GS2019MTHPHD01290 Mr Arkabrata  Das Ph.D.
65 TIFR34742 GS2019MTHPHD00285 Mr Aritra Kumar Bhaduri Ph.D.
66 TIFR35551 GS2019MTHPHD01259 Mr Akshay Ravindra Date Ph.D.
67 TIFR35911 GS2019MTHPHD00246 Mr Kiran  Maity Ph.D.
68 TIFR36401 GS2019MTHPHD00250 Mr Prokash Kumar Kundu Ph.D.
69 TIFR36591 GS2019MTHPHD00287 Mr Subhrajyoti  Bhattacharyya Ph.D.
70 TIFR36795 GS2019MTHPHD01009 Mr Rahul Rajebhau Deshmukh Ph.D.
71 TIFR00346 GS2019MTHIPH01513 Mr Raju  Yadav Int. Ph.D.
72 TIFR00518 GS2019MTHIPH00257 Mr Suvadip  Sana Int. Ph.D.
73 TIFR01070 GS2019MTHIPH01376 Mr Sachin Bharat Jain Int. Ph.D.
74 TIFR01818 GS2019MTHIPH00260 Mr Roni  Debnath Int. Ph.D.
75 TIFR02662 GS2019MTHIPH00590 Mr Rekhansh  Jain Int. Ph.D.
76 TIFR02674 GS2019MTHIPH01380 Mr Amit Anil Mishra Int. Ph.D.
77 TIFR02854 GS2019MTHIPH00836 Mr Manodeep  Raha Int. Ph.D.
78 TIFR03191 GS2019MTHIPH00838 Mr Krishnendu  Bhowmick Int. Ph.D.
79 TIFR04539 GS2019MTHIPH00845 Mr Uttaran  Choudhurry Int. Ph.D.
80 TIFR04989 GS2019MTHIPH00851 Mr Sk Mustak  Ahamed Int. Ph.D.
81 TIFR05496 GS2019MTHIPH00393 Ms Shashi  Chourasiya Int. Ph.D.
82 TIFR05834 GS2019MTHIPH01863 Mr Sandeep  S Int. Ph.D.
83 TIFR06045 GS2019MTHIPH00207 Mr Krishan  Chakraborty Int. Ph.D.
84 TIFR06669 GS2019MTHIPH00865 Mr Debam  Biswas Int. Ph.D.
85 TIFR06929 GS2019MTHIPH00868 Mr Supriya  Saha Int. Ph.D.
86 TIFR07268 GS2019MTHIPH01153 Mr Dhruva Rasesh Kelkar Int. Ph.D.
87 TIFR07295 GS2019MTHIPH01534 Mr Akshaya  Kumar Int. Ph.D.
88 TIFR07589 GS2019MTHIPH00877 Mr Supravat  Sarkar Int. Ph.D.
89 TIFR09202 GS2019MTHIPH00274 Mr Akshay Sateesh  Hegde Int. Ph.D.
90 TIFR09508 GS2019MTHIPH01392 Mr Rahul Raphael Amlesh Kanekar Int. Ph.D.
91 TIFR10955 GS2019MTHIPH00664 Mr Manish  Gokani Int. Ph.D.
92 TIFR11216 GS2019MTHIPH00930 Mr Supratim  Maity Int. Ph.D.
93 TIFR11863 GS2019MTHIPH01233 Ms Shivani  Mangal Int. Ph.D.
94 TIFR13068 GS2019MTHIPH00359 Mr Pijush Pratim Sarmah Int. Ph.D.
95 TIFR13191 GS2019MTHIPH00683 Mr Sumeet  Khandelwal Int. Ph.D.
96 TIFR13391 GS2019MTHIPH00685 Mr Anubrata  Singharoy Int. Ph.D.
97 TIFR14503 GS2019MTHIPH00215 Mr Sampad  Lahiry Int. Ph.D.
98 TIFR14996 GS2019MTHIPH01311 Ms Shainy  Roy Int. Ph.D.
99 TIFR15616 GS2019MTHIPH01314 Ms Nishtha  Batra Int. Ph.D.
100 TIFR15733 GS2019MTHIPH01776 Mr Kunal  Singla Int. Ph.D.
101 TIFR16828 GS2019MTHIPH01010 Mr Santanu  Dey Int. Ph.D.
102 TIFR16829 GS2019MTHIPH01440 Mr Shubham Ramkisan Jathar Int. Ph.D.
103 TIFR17299 GS2019MTHIPH01014 Ms Suhita  Hazra Int. Ph.D.
104 TIFR18305 GS2019MTHIPH00303 Mr Sourav  Roy Int. Ph.D.
105 TIFR18897 GS2019MTHIPH01565 Mr Divyansh  Agrawal Int. Ph.D.
106 TIFR19194 GS2019MTHIPH01029 Ms Pallabi  Manna Int. Ph.D.
107 TIFR21227 GS2019MTHIPH00012 Mr Vignesh  Subramanian Int. Ph.D.
108 TIFR22018 GS2019MTHIPH01057 Mr Monideep  Ghosh Int. Ph.D.
109 TIFR22440 GS2019MTHIPH00312 Mr Chinmay Mysore Dharmendra Int. Ph.D.
110 TIFR24424 GS2019MTHIPH00013 Mr Eashwar  Murali Int. Ph.D.
111 TIFR24812 GS2019MTHIPH00741 Mr Harsh  Prasad Int. Ph.D.
112 TIFR24842 GS2019MTHIPH01083 Mr Aditya De Saha Int. Ph.D.
113 TIFR26129 GS2019MTHIPH01182 Mr Ronit  Kadam Int. Ph.D.
114 TIFR28083 GS2019MTHIPH00318 Mr Soumik  Dutta Int. Ph.D.
115 TIFR28798 GS2019MTHIPH01696 Mr Chinthalagiri Venkata Sriram Int. Ph.D.
116 TIFR28953 GS2019MTHIPH00767 Mr Rakesh Kumar Pandey Int. Ph.D.
117 TIFR29109 GS2019MTHIPH01189 Mr Deep Vikrant Joshi Int. Ph.D.
118 TIFR30406 GS2019MTHIPH01103 Mr Samrat  Maji Int. Ph.D.
119 TIFR33666 GS2019MTHIPH00332 Mr Biswajit  Nag Int. Ph.D.
120 TIFR36967 GS2019MTHIPH00343 Mr Prakhar  Gupta Int. Ph.D.
121 TIFR36984 GS2019MTHIPH01141 Mr Nripati  Biswas Int. Ph.D.