List of students shortlisted for written test II / interview for the Integrated Ph.D. programme in PHYSICS
(Only for TIFR, Mumbai and NCRA, Pune)

The written test II will be held on Monday, March 11, 2019 at 9:30 a.m.
Test Timing: 09:30 a.m. to 12:00 Noon  - Reporting Time: 08:30 a.m.

There will be an orientation on the academic facilities of TIFR starting 02:00 p.m. onwards.

Based on the performance in the written test II, the list of students shortlisted for interview will be displayed on the admissions website and on the Notice Board at the TIFR Main Gate at the end of the day. Email intimations will also be sent.

Interviews of shortlisted students will commence on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 from 09:30 a.m. onwards.
Reporting Time: 08:30 a.m.


1 TIFR00261 GS2019PHYIPH01124 Mr Chintan Ashokkumar Patel
2 TIFR00313 GS2019PHYIPH00893 Mr Aravind  T S
3 TIFR00578 GS2019PHYIPH01375 Mr Naman  Sharma
4 TIFR00754 GS2019PHYIPH01170 Ms Uttara  S.
5 TIFR00824 GS2019PHYIPH01384 Mr Akshat  Khanna
6 TIFR01395 GS2019PHYIPH00495 Mr Bhabani Sankar Tripathy
7 TIFR01488 GS2019PHYIPH00052 Mr Yashpal  Choudhary
8 TIFR01535 GS2019PHYIPH01418 Mr Vikas  Kumar
9 TIFR01588 GS2019PHYIPH02859 Mr Parteek  Bansal
10 TIFR01738 GS2019PHYIPH03004 Mr Rohan  Soni
11 TIFR01889 GS2019PHYIPH01976 Mr Murshed  Alam
12 TIFR01896 GS2019PHYIPH01977 Mr Rounak  Chatterjee
13 TIFR02051 GS2019PHYIPH01181 Mr Ritvik  Gupta
14 TIFR02261 GS2019PHYIPH01438 Mr Sasanka  Talukdar
15 TIFR02442 GS2019PHYIPH03236 Ms Garima  Upadhya
16 TIFR02553 GS2019PHYIPH01997 Mr Sourav  Manna
17 TIFR02720 GS2019PHYIPH03119 Mr Vinay  Singh
18 TIFR03045 GS2019PHYIPH01455 Mr Alex Kumar Singh
19 TIFR03249 GS2019PHYIPH02009 Mr Ritam  Basu
20 TIFR03256 GS2019PHYIPH02010 Mr Rittick  Roy
21 TIFR03413 GS2019PHYIPH01467 Mr Vinit  Tyagi
22 TIFR03645 GS2019PHYIPH00904 Mr Daniel  Yumnam
23 TIFR03965 GS2019PHYIPH01486 Mr Ankush  Chaubey
24 TIFR04067 GS2019PHYIPH01041 Mr Harshit  Rajgadia
25 TIFR04213 GS2019PHYIPH02024 Mr Abhik  Bhattacharjee
26 TIFR04277 GS2019PHYIPH01496 Mr Vikas Somashekara Bhat
27 TIFR04646 GS2019PHYIPH01511 Mr Akhil  Deswal
28 TIFR04665 GS2019PHYIPH03044 Ms Anjana  M
29 TIFR05006 GS2019PHYIPH00723 Mr Subrata Kumar Panda
30 TIFR05055 GS2019PHYIPH00908 Mr Ayush  Nema
31 TIFR05086 GS2019PHYIPH02045 Mr Suman  Guchait
32 TIFR05392 GS2019PHYIPH00092 Mr Ranjan  Sharma
33 TIFR05536 GS2019PHYIPH02052 Mr Jagannath  Rana
34 TIFR05567 GS2019PHYIPH01524 Mr Kapil  Goswami
35 TIFR06105 GS2019PHYIPH01548 Mr Shanu  Arora
36 TIFR06143 GS2019PHYIPH03012 Mr Pravesh  Sharma
37 TIFR06826 GS2019PHYIPH02873 Mr Sankalp  Gaur
38 TIFR07154 GS2019PHYIPH02076 Mr Sagar  Dam
39 TIFR07323 GS2019PHYIPH01576 Mr Aman  Singh
40 TIFR08044 GS2019PHYIPH02099 Mr Sayan  Banik
41 TIFR08324 GS2019PHYIPH01598 Mr Pawan  Negi
42 TIFR08881 GS2019PHYIPH01614 Mr Tarkeshwar  Sahani
43 TIFR09072 GS2019PHYIPH03142 Mr Vivek  Tiwari
44 TIFR09218 GS2019PHYIPH01239 Ms Manvi  Verma
45 TIFR09264 GS2019PHYIPH02139 Mr Suman  Nandi
46 TIFR09704 GS2019PHYIPH01641 Mr Lalit Singh Bhandari
47 TIFR10364 GS2019PHYIPH03052 Mr Anuragh  Rajapuram
48 TIFR10803 GS2019PHYIPH02168 Mr Akashdeep  Roy
49 TIFR10892 GS2019PHYIPH02170 Mr Dwaipayan  Mukherjee
50 TIFR11480 GS2019PHYIPH02849 Mr Param Prasad Rekhi
51 TIFR11688 GS2019PHYIPH03484 Mr Ravi  Shanker
52 TIFR11891 GS2019PHYIPH03425 Ms Harsimran Kaur Mann
53 TIFR12202 GS2019PHYIPH00138 Mr Gaurav  Sharma
54 TIFR12278 GS2019PHYIPH01259 Ms Nishtha  Sahni
55 TIFR12328 GS2019PHYIPH01688 Mr Abhisek  Shah
56 TIFR12433 GS2019PHYIPH03015 Mr Ashish  Bhargava
57 TIFR13590 GS2019PHYIPH01268 Mr Shashank  Kumar
58 TIFR13702 GS2019PHYIPH03305 Mr Sushant  Mishra
59 TIFR13765 GS2019PHYIPH03368 Mr Rishabh  Sharma
60 TIFR14104 GS2019PHYIPH02246 Mr Kamalakanta  Singha
61 TIFR14234 GS2019PHYIPH03156 Mr Koshvendra  Singh
62 TIFR14995 GS2019PHYIPH01720 Mr Shashank  Kumar
63 TIFR15325 GS2019PHYIPH02892 Mr Muralidhar  Nalabothula
64 TIFR15581 GS2019PHYIPH00155 Ms Prachi  Sharma
65 TIFR16150 GS2019PHYIPH02893 Mr Amey Prashant Gaikwad
66 TIFR16181 GS2019PHYIPH02288 Mr Sreyan  Bhowmick
67 TIFR16183 GS2019PHYIPH02289 Mr Sownyak  Mondal
68 TIFR16318 GS2019PHYIPH02895 Mr Vedant Ketan Dhruv
69 TIFR16377 GS2019PHYIPH02295 Ms Triparna  Sanyal
70 TIFR16510 GS2019PHYIPH03063 Ms Chinmayee  Pattapu
71 TIFR16658 GS2019PHYIPH02299 Mr Suvronil  Datta
72 TIFR17637 GS2019PHYIPH03672 Mr Ashik H
73 TIFR17682 GS2019PHYIPH01765 Mr Bindu
74 TIFR18264 GS2019PHYIPH02558 Mr Nipun Milind Bhave
75 TIFR18579 GS2019PHYIPH02560 Mr Aakash
76 TIFR18954 GS2019PHYIPH03175 Mr Om Ji  Agnihotri
77 TIFR19071 GS2019PHYIPH01780 Mr Yogeesh Reddy  Yerrababu
78 TIFR19687 GS2019PHYIPH03313 Mr Ritik  Saxena
79 TIFR19694 GS2019PHYIPH02340 Mr Soham  Dey
80 TIFR19859 GS2019PHYIPH03261 Mr Himanshu  Tyagi
81 TIFR20500 GS2019PHYIPH00566 Mr Vijay Kumar Kumawat
82 TIFR20822 GS2019PHYIPH03706 Mr Ved  Krishna
83 TIFR21516 GS2019PHYIPH03339 Mr Ravi Teja  Ponnaganti
84 TIFR21911 GS2019PHYIPH01143 Mr Maliram  Sharma
85 TIFR22015 GS2019PHYIPH02373 Mr Krishnendu  Maji
86 TIFR22022 GS2019PHYIPH01144 Mr Mohit Dilipbhai Rohida
87 TIFR22442 GS2019PHYIPH03070 Ms Susmita  Tripathy
88 TIFR22724 GS2019PHYIPH02386 Ms Pratyusha  Chowdhury
89 TIFR23297 GS2019PHYIPH02393 Mr Sayantan  Ghosh
90 TIFR24274 GS2019PHYIPH03197 Mr Prateek  Agrawal
91 TIFR25864 GS2019PHYIPH02915 Mr Vineet  Punyamoorty
92 TIFR25975 GS2019PHYIPH01859 Mr Ravi Prakash Yadav
93 TIFR27846 GS2019PHYIPH00994 Mr Muddu Venkata Sai  Saketh
94 TIFR29823 GS2019PHYIPH00615 Mr Mohit Kumar Jat
95 TIFR30176 GS2019PHYIPH00313 Ms Megha  Mangal
96 TIFR30291 GS2019PHYIPH03416 Mr Rahul  Verma
97 TIFR31299 GS2019PHYIPH01011 Mr Pruthvi  Suryadevara
98 TIFR31877 GS2019PHYIPH01013 Mr Arvind  Ganesh
99 TIFR32838 GS2019PHYIPH00353 Mr Kailash  Dukiya
100 TIFR33619 GS2019PHYIPH00446 Ms Aryasree  P P
101 TIFR34267 GS2019PHYIPH02952 Mr Gurbir Singh  Arora
102 TIFR34461 GS2019PHYIPH02954 Mr Viraj Rajendra Karambelkar
103 TIFR34705 GS2019PHYIPH01115 Mr Ashutosh  Sharma