List of students shortlisted for interview (after Written Test II) for the Integrated Ph.D. programme in PHYSICS
(Only for TIFR, Mumbai and NCRA, Pune)

Interviews of shortlisted students will commence on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 from 09:30 a.m. onwards.
Reporting Time: 08:30 a.m. Reporting venue AG66


1 TIFR00261 GS2019PHYIPH01124 Mr Chintan Ashokkumar Patel
2 TIFR00313 GS2019PHYIPH00893 Mr Aravind  T S
3 TIFR00578 GS2019PHYIPH01375 Mr Naman  Sharma
4 TIFR00754 GS2019PHYIPH01170 Ms Uttara  S.
5 TIFR01395 GS2019PHYIPH00495 Mr Bhabani Sankar Tripathy
6 TIFR01896 GS2019PHYIPH01977 Mr Rounak  Chatterjee
7 TIFR02553 GS2019PHYIPH01997 Mr Sourav  Manna
8 TIFR02720 GS2019PHYIPH03119 Mr Vinay  Singh
9 TIFR03045 GS2019PHYIPH01455 Mr Alex Kumar Singh
10 TIFR03249 GS2019PHYIPH02009 Mr Ritam  Basu
11 TIFR03413 GS2019PHYIPH01467 Mr Vinit  Tyagi
12 TIFR03965 GS2019PHYIPH01486 Mr Ankush  Chaubey
13 TIFR04067 GS2019PHYIPH01041 Mr Harshit  Rajgadia
14 TIFR04213 GS2019PHYIPH02024 Mr Abhik  Bhattacharjee
15 TIFR04277 GS2019PHYIPH01496 Mr Vikas Somashekara Bhat
16 TIFR04646 GS2019PHYIPH01511 Mr Akhil  Deswal
17 TIFR04665 GS2019PHYIPH03044 Ms Anjana  M
18 TIFR05006 GS2019PHYIPH00723 Mr Subrata Kumar Panda
19 TIFR05086 GS2019PHYIPH02045 Mr Suman  Guchait
20 TIFR05392 GS2019PHYIPH00092 Mr Ranjan  Sharma
21 TIFR05536 GS2019PHYIPH02052 Mr Jagannath  Rana
22 TIFR05567 GS2019PHYIPH01524 Mr Kapil  Goswami
23 TIFR06143 GS2019PHYIPH03012 Mr Pravesh  Sharma
24 TIFR07154 GS2019PHYIPH02076 Mr Sagar  Dam
25 TIFR09072 GS2019PHYIPH03142 Mr Vivek  Tiwari
26 TIFR09218 GS2019PHYIPH01239 Ms Manvi  Verma
27 TIFR09264 GS2019PHYIPH02139 Mr Suman  Nandi
28 TIFR09704 GS2019PHYIPH01641 Mr Lalit Singh Bhandari
29 TIFR10803 GS2019PHYIPH02168 Mr Akashdeep  Roy
30 TIFR10892 GS2019PHYIPH02170 Mr Dwaipayan  Mukherjee
31 TIFR11891 GS2019PHYIPH03425 Ms Harsimran Kaur Mann
32 TIFR13590 GS2019PHYIPH01268 Mr Shashank  Kumar
33 TIFR14234 GS2019PHYIPH03156 Mr Koshvendra  Singh
34 TIFR15325 GS2019PHYIPH02892 Mr Muralidhar  Nalabothula
35 TIFR16183 GS2019PHYIPH02289 Mr Sownyak  Mondal
36 TIFR16658 GS2019PHYIPH02299 Mr Suvronil  Datta
37 TIFR19071 GS2019PHYIPH01780 Mr Yogeesh Reddy  Yerrababu
38 TIFR19687 GS2019PHYIPH03313 Mr Ritik  Saxena
39 TIFR19694 GS2019PHYIPH02340 Mr Soham  Dey
40 TIFR19859 GS2019PHYIPH03261 Mr Himanshu  Tyagi
41 TIFR22015 GS2019PHYIPH02373 Mr Krishnendu  Maji
42 TIFR30291 GS2019PHYIPH03416 Mr Rahul  Verma
43 TIFR31299 GS2019PHYIPH01011 Mr Pruthvi  Suryadevara