List of students shortlisted for written test II / interview for the Ph.D. programme in PHYSICS
(Only for TIFR, Mumbai and NCRA, Pune)

The written test II will be held on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at 9:30 a.m.
Test Timing: 09:30 a.m. to 12:00 Noon  - Reporting Time: 08:30 a.m.

There will be an orientation on the academic facilities of TIFR starting 02:00 p.m. onwards.

Based on the performance in the written test II, the list of students shortlisted for interview will be displayed on the admissions website and on the Notice Board at the TIFR Main Gate at the end of the day. Email intimations will also be sent.

Interviews of shortlisted students will commence on Thursday, March 14, 2019 from 09:30 a.m. onwards.
Reporting Time: 08:30 a.m.


1 TIFR00683 GS2019PHYPHD02313 Mr Adithya  Gungi
2 TIFR00714 GS2019PHYPHD02314 Ms Neha  Rawal
3 TIFR00740 GS2019PHYPHD01483 Mr Atanu  Roychowdhury
4 TIFR01629 GS2019PHYPHD01123 Mr Sandipan  Borthakur
5 TIFR01710 GS2019PHYPHD00431 Mr Mahaveer  Prasad
6 TIFR02219 GS2019PHYPHD00894 Ms Parul  Khandelwal
7 TIFR02578 GS2019PHYPHD00003 Mr Sourav  Roy
8 TIFR02606 GS2019PHYPHD01508 Mr Bihan  Banerjee
9 TIFR02792 GS2019PHYPHD01139 Mr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo
10 TIFR02913 GS2019PHYPHD01989 Ms Banashree  Baishya
11 TIFR02927 GS2019PHYPHD01141 Mr Sushant  Batra
12 TIFR03689 GS2019PHYPHD00823 Mr Rutvij Vihang Bhavsar
13 TIFR03732 GS2019PHYPHD02329 Mr Chandrashekhar Rao Gaikwad
14 TIFR03802 GS2019PHYPHD02561 Mr Kanhu Kishore Nanda
15 TIFR03897 GS2019PHYPHD02563 Mr Saumya Ranjan Behera
16 TIFR03941 GS2019PHYPHD00742 Mr Kuldeep Singh Chikara
17 TIFR04370 GS2019PHYPHD02568 Mr Lakkaraju Leela Ganesh  Chandra
18 TIFR04942 GS2019PHYPHD00119 Mr Hitesh Kumar Saini
19 TIFR05497 GS2019PHYPHD03004 Ms Kajal  Garg
20 TIFR05498 GS2019PHYPHD01530 Mr Bireshwar  Roy
21 TIFR05667 GS2019PHYPHD01909 Mr Tathagata  Ghosh
22 TIFR06280 GS2019PHYPHD01539 Mr Md Zahid Ansari
23 TIFR06495 GS2019PHYPHD00497 Mr Chinmaya  Kar
24 TIFR06738 GS2019PHYPHD00628 Ms Sangita  Kumari
25 TIFR07278 GS2019PHYPHD01552 Mr Tuhinsubhra  Jana
26 TIFR07383 GS2019PHYPHD01210 Mr Pankaj  Pankaj
27 TIFR07531 GS2019PHYPHD00440 Ms Anoma  Ganguly
28 TIFR07768 GS2019PHYPHD01560 Mr Mainak  Pal
29 TIFR07972 GS2019PHYPHD01564 Mr Shailendra N Singh Thakur
30 TIFR08207 GS2019PHYPHD01568 Mr Swarup  Sangiri
31 TIFR08265 GS2019PHYPHD01570 Mr Anirban  Bala
32 TIFR08495 GS2019PHYPHD00503 Ms Ratimanasee  Sahu
33 TIFR08611 GS2019PHYPHD00750 Ms Kiran  Yadav
34 TIFR09115 GS2019PHYPHD01227 Mr Souvik  Jana
35 TIFR09463 GS2019PHYPHD01582 Mr Parthapratim  Mahapatra
36 TIFR09496 GS2019PHYPHD01233 Mr Sharad  Mishra
37 TIFR09697 GS2019PHYPHD01588 Mr Ayan  Banerjee
38 TIFR10237 GS2019PHYPHD03293 Mr Vineeth Krishna Talasila
39 TIFR10289 GS2019PHYPHD02867 Mr Kamal Nayan Shukla
40 TIFR10610 GS2019PHYPHD00512 Mr Subhobrata  Chatterjee
41 TIFR10735 GS2019PHYPHD00755 Mr Arindam  Saha
42 TIFR11041 GS2019PHYPHD01254 Mr Ankit  Yadav
43 TIFR11637 GS2019PHYPHD03163 Ms Meenakshi  .
44 TIFR11829 GS2019PHYPHD00963 Ms Jyotsana  Kala
45 TIFR11933 GS2019PHYPHD01614 Mr Dipan  Kundu
46 TIFR11945 GS2019PHYPHD01260 Mr Sunil Singh Bohra
47 TIFR12787 GS2019PHYPHD01623 Mr Sourav  Gope
48 TIFR13256 GS2019PHYPHD01631 Ms Atrayee  Mishra
49 TIFR13312 GS2019PHYPHD01634 Mr Jagannath  Das
50 TIFR14462 GS2019PHYPHD00528 Ms Anita  Pahi
51 TIFR14769 GS2019PHYPHD00368 Mr Bhagirath  Nath
52 TIFR14925 GS2019PHYPHD02363 Mr Tuneer  Chakraborty
53 TIFR15048 GS2019PHYPHD02364 Mr Souradeep  Purkayastha
54 TIFR15344 GS2019PHYPHD01659 Mr Priyadarshi  Paul
55 TIFR15436 GS2019PHYPHD02052 Ms Purnima  Jain
56 TIFR15454 GS2019PHYPHD01661 Mr Somsubhra  Ghosh
57 TIFR15974 GS2019PHYPHD01670 Mr Sumit  Shaw
58 TIFR16154 GS2019PHYPHD01302 Mr Sachin  Gupta
59 TIFR16233 GS2019PHYPHD00166 Ms Shweta  Didel
60 TIFR16255 GS2019PHYPHD03231 Mr Abhinav  Tripathi
61 TIFR16291 GS2019PHYPHD01672 Mr Soumen  Podder
62 TIFR16512 GS2019PHYPHD01678 Mr Sayan  Sengupta
63 TIFR16647 GS2019PHYPHD01931 Mr Omkar Sanjay Shetye
64 TIFR17519 GS2019PHYPHD03169 Mr Pankaj  Kumar
65 TIFR17809 GS2019PHYPHD02472 Mr Jitendra  Salal
66 TIFR17927 GS2019PHYPHD03170 Mr Ravneet Singh Bedi
67 TIFR17934 GS2019PHYPHD01322 Mr Nitin  Vashishtha
68 TIFR18010 GS2019PHYPHD01324 Mr Jai Singh
69 TIFR18388 GS2019PHYPHD01012 Ms Priya
70 TIFR20180 GS2019PHYPHD00281 Ms Haritha  Joseph
71 TIFR20692 GS2019PHYPHD03215 Mr Abhinandan  Kumar
72 TIFR21641 GS2019PHYPHD03347 Mr Blesson Sam Varghese
73 TIFR22111 GS2019PHYPHD02728 Mr Bhanu Kiran  S
74 TIFR22359 GS2019PHYPHD02519 Mr Subhajit  Dandapat
75 TIFR22506 GS2019PHYPHD00555 Mr Kamalendu  Paul
76 TIFR23499 GS2019PHYPHD02388 Mr Dileep Kumar Bendi
77 TIFR24052 GS2019PHYPHD01770 Ms Ranjini  Mondol
78 TIFR24350 GS2019PHYPHD01775 Ms Soma  Dutta
79 TIFR24418 GS2019PHYPHD00790 Mr Md Afsar Reja
80 TIFR24632 GS2019PHYPHD01778 Mr Samrat  Sen
81 TIFR24675 GS2019PHYPHD02904 Mr Anuj Kumar Singh
82 TIFR25234 GS2019PHYPHD01379 Mr Manish
83 TIFR25471 GS2019PHYPHD01793 Mr Ayan  Patra
84 TIFR25843 GS2019PHYPHD01799 Mr Aritra  Mazumder
85 TIFR26253 GS2019PHYPHD00667 Mr Vivek  Vishwakarma
86 TIFR26732 GS2019PHYPHD01390 Mr Ankit  Dhaka
87 TIFR28276 GS2019PHYPHD02401 Mr Soham  Mukhopadhyay
88 TIFR28609 GS2019PHYPHD02767 Mr Surojit  Paul
89 TIFR28701 GS2019PHYPHD02918 Mr Dipanshu
90 TIFR28734 GS2019PHYPHD02402 Mr Anand  Kumar
91 TIFR29199 GS2019PHYPHD00035 Mr Venkata Sai Akhil Viswateja  Ayyadevara
92 TIFR31150 GS2019PHYPHD01429 Mr Vishal  Singh
93 TIFR32650 GS2019PHYPHD03420 Mr S Mahesh  Chandran
94 TIFR33238 GS2019PHYPHD00605 Mr Bineet Kumar Dash
95 TIFR33339 GS2019PHYPHD02815 Mr Ananth Sesha Sri Sai  Kandala
96 TIFR33653 GS2019PHYPHD00607 Mr Biswajit  Sahoo
97 TIFR34670 GS2019PHYPHD00701 Mr Aniruddhan  Gowrisankar
98 TIFR35437 GS2019PHYPHD02439 Mr Pulkit Sudesh Ghoderao
99 TIFR35734 GS2019PHYPHD00468 Mr Vasanth Kumar B
100 TIFR35822 GS2019PHYPHD00050 Mr Ram Purandhar Reddy  Sudha
101 TIFR36424 GS2019PHYPHD02444 Mr Pranav  S
102 TIFR36488 GS2019PHYPHD01889 Mr Anarya  Ray
103 TIFR36582 GS2019PHYPHD02446 Mr Piyush Anand Jeena