List of students shortlisted for interview (after Written Test II) for the Ph.D. programme in PHYSICS
(Only for TIFR, Mumbai and NCRA, Pune)

Interviews of shortlisted students will commence on Thursday, March 14, 2019 from 09:30 a.m. onwards.
Reporting Time: 09:00 a.m.  - Reporting venue AG66


1 TIFR00683 GS2019PHYPHD02313 Mr Adithya  Gungi
2 TIFR00714 GS2019PHYPHD02314 Ms Neha  Rawal
3 TIFR01710 GS2019PHYPHD00431 Mr Mahaveer  Prasad
4 TIFR02578 GS2019PHYPHD00003 Mr Sourav  Roy
5 TIFR02606 GS2019PHYPHD01508 Mr Bihan  Banerjee
6 TIFR02927 GS2019PHYPHD01141 Mr Sushant  Batra
7 TIFR03689 GS2019PHYPHD00823 Mr Rutvij Vihang Bhavsar
8 TIFR03802 GS2019PHYPHD02561 Mr Kanhu Kishore Nanda
9 TIFR04370 GS2019PHYPHD02568 Mr Lakkaraju Leela Ganesh  Chandra
10 TIFR04942 GS2019PHYPHD00119 Mr Hitesh Kumar Saini
11 TIFR05498 GS2019PHYPHD01530 Mr Bireshwar  Roy
12 TIFR05667 GS2019PHYPHD01909 Mr Tathagata  Ghosh
13 TIFR06280 GS2019PHYPHD01539 Mr Md Zahid Ansari
14 TIFR06495 GS2019PHYPHD00497 Mr Chinmaya  Kar
15 TIFR06738 GS2019PHYPHD00628 Ms Sangita  Kumari
16 TIFR07278 GS2019PHYPHD01552 Mr Tuhinsubhra  Jana
17 TIFR07531 GS2019PHYPHD00440 Ms Anoma  Ganguly
18 TIFR07972 GS2019PHYPHD01564 Mr Shailendra N Singh Thakur
19 TIFR08207 GS2019PHYPHD01568 Mr Swarup  Sangiri
20 TIFR08265 GS2019PHYPHD01570 Mr Anirban  Bala
21 TIFR08495 GS2019PHYPHD00503 Ms Ratimanasee  Sahu
22 TIFR09115 GS2019PHYPHD01227 Mr Souvik  Jana
23 TIFR09697 GS2019PHYPHD01588 Mr Ayan  Banerjee
24 TIFR10237 GS2019PHYPHD03293 Mr Vineeth Krishna Talasila
25 TIFR10735 GS2019PHYPHD00755 Mr Arindam  Saha
26 TIFR11933 GS2019PHYPHD01614 Mr Dipan  Kundu
27 TIFR12787 GS2019PHYPHD01623 Mr Sourav  Gope
28 TIFR13312 GS2019PHYPHD01634 Mr Jagannath  Das
29 TIFR14462 GS2019PHYPHD00528 Ms Anita  Pahi
30 TIFR15048 GS2019PHYPHD02364 Mr Souradeep  Purkayastha
31 TIFR15344 GS2019PHYPHD01659 Mr Priyadarshi  Paul
32 TIFR15454 GS2019PHYPHD01661 Mr Somsubhra  Ghosh
33 TIFR16255 GS2019PHYPHD03231 Mr Abhinav  Tripathi
34 TIFR16291 GS2019PHYPHD01672 Mr Soumen  Podder
35 TIFR16647 GS2019PHYPHD01931 Mr Omkar Sanjay Shetye
36 TIFR17809 GS2019PHYPHD02472 Mr Jitendra  Salal
37 TIFR17927 GS2019PHYPHD03170 Mr Ravneet Singh Bedi
38 TIFR22359 GS2019PHYPHD02519 Mr Subhajit  Dandapat
39 TIFR23499 GS2019PHYPHD02388 Mr Dileep Kumar Bendi
40 TIFR24052 GS2019PHYPHD01770 Ms Ranjini  Mondol
41 TIFR24418 GS2019PHYPHD00790 Mr Md Afsar Reja
42 TIFR24632 GS2019PHYPHD01778 Mr Samrat  Sen
43 TIFR28609 GS2019PHYPHD02767 Mr Surojit  Paul
44 TIFR28734 GS2019PHYPHD02402 Mr Anand  Kumar
45 TIFR31150 GS2019PHYPHD01429 Mr Vishal  Singh
46 TIFR33238 GS2019PHYPHD00605 Mr Bineet Kumar Dash
47 TIFR33339 GS2019PHYPHD02815 Mr Ananth Sesha Sri Sai  Kandala
48 TIFR36488 GS2019PHYPHD01889 Mr Anarya  Ray