List of students selected for the Ph.D. and Integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. Programme in Physics at TIFR, Mumbai and NCRA, Pune

Joining Dates for TIFR, Mumbai: Please plan your arrival at TIFR as per the dates given below, during the hours indicated. It is not possible for us to make special arrangements for arrivals outside these hours. Note that in this unusual year, these dates may be revised (postponed) depending on how the COVID-19 situation develops, and we will be in touch with you about this in July.
Resident Scholars:
I-PhD (men): Wednesday September 2nd, 08:30 - 14:00 hrs
PhD (men) and all women: Thursday September 3rd 08:30 - 14:00 hrs
PhD and I-PhD, men and women: Friday September 4th: 08:30 - 12:00 hrs

Selected students are required to send their acceptance of admission to
by June 30, 2020

Formal offer letters to selected students have been delayed due to the nationwide lockdown and will be sent by the University Cell Office of TIFR soon.



1 GS2020PHYPHD007962 Ph.D. Mr Sreehari  A P Resident Scholar DAA
2 GS2020PHYPHD023731 Ph.D. Mr Pratyusava  Baral Resident Scholar DAA
3 GS2020PHYPHD027429 Ph.D. Mr Abhinav  Tripathi Resident Scholar DAA
4 GS2020PHYPHD001944 Ph.D. Mr Umesh  Kumar Resident Scholar DCMPMS
5 GS2020PHYPHD004528 Ph.D. Mr Debjoty  Paul Resident Scholar DCMPMS
6 GS2020PHYPHD012921 Ph.D. Mr Amit  Basu Resident Scholar DCMPMS
7 GS2020PHYPHD022298 Ph.D. Mr Rahul  Verma Resident Scholar DCMPMS
8 GS2020PHYPHD015989 Ph.D. Ms Amala  Augusthy Resident Scholar DHEP
9 GS2020PHYPHD021269 Ph.D. Mr Ankur  Chauhan Resident Scholar DHEP
10 GS2020PHYPHD027667 Ph.D. Mr Atul  Jaiswal Resident Scholar DHEP
11 GS2020PHYPHD034919 Ph.D. Mr Ashish  Narayan Resident Scholar DHEP
12 GS2020PHYPHD000969 Ph.D. Mr Soumyabrata  Saha Resident Scholar DNAP
13 GS2020PHYPHD002367 Ph.D. Mr Vishal   Resident Scholar DNAP
14 GS2020PHYPHD009477 Ph.D. Ms Kiran   Resident Scholar DNAP
15 GS2020PHYPHD025097 Ph.D. Mr Gorachand  Das Resident Scholar DNAP
16 GS2020PHYPHD000587 Ph.D. Mr Aranya  Khonary Resident Scholar DTP
17 GS2020PHYPHD004155 Ph.D. Mr Dibyanandan  Bhowmick Resident Scholar DTP
18 GS2020PHYPHD011264 Ph.D. Mr Ajay  Mohan Resident Scholar DTP
19 GS2020PHYPHD014516 Ph.D. Mr Amartya  Pal Resident Scholar DTP
20 GS2020PHYPHD016276 Ph.D. Mr Swarnim Sunil Shirke Resident Scholar DTP
21 GS2020PHYPHD022128 Ph.D. Mr Vyshakh  B.R Resident Scholar DTP
22 GS2020PHYPHD025035 Ph.D. Mr Samarth  Chawla Resident Scholar DTP
23 GS2020PHYPHD025474 Ph.D. Mr Sabyasachi  Chowdhury Resident Scholar DTP
24 GS2020PHYPHD025491 Ph.D. Mr Nikhil  Tanwar Resident Scholar DTP
25 GS2020PHYPHD029858 Ph.D. Mr Sounak  Hajra Resident Scholar DTP
26 GS2020PHYPHD007179 Ph.D. Mr Aadarsh  Singh Resident Scholar NCRA
27 GS2020PHYPHD007868 Ph.D. Mr Rahul  Sharan Resident Scholar NCRA
28 GS2020PHYIPH000697 Int. Ph.D. Mr Varghese  Reji Resident Scholar DAA
29 GS2020PHYIPH000727 Int. Ph.D. Mr Shatanik  Bhattacharya Resident Scholar DAA
30 GS2020PHYIPH001671 Int. Ph.D. Mr Nipun   Resident Scholar DAA
31 GS2020PHYIPH008472 Int. Ph.D. Mr Ayush  Nema Resident Scholar DAA
32 GS2020PHYIPH012855 Int. Ph.D. Mr Tarang Praful Hirapra Resident Scholar DAA
33 GS2020PHYIPH002605 Int. Ph.D. Mr Surat  Layek Resident Scholar DCMPMS
34 GS2020PHYIPH003188 Int. Ph.D. Mr Rishabh  Vij Resident Scholar DCMPMS
35 GS2020PHYIPH004359 Int. Ph.D. Mr Shikhar Kumar Gupta Resident Scholar DCMPMS
36 GS2020PHYIPH005521 Int. Ph.D. Mr Alan George Sherry Resident Scholar DCMPMS
37 GS2020PHYIPH008566 Int. Ph.D. Mr Lakshay  Bhardwaj Resident Scholar DCMPMS
38 GS2020PHYIPH002310 Int. Ph.D. Mr Abhishek Satyavir Sharma Resident Scholar DHEP
39 GS2020PHYIPH011038 Int. Ph.D. Mr Prajjalak  Chattopadhyay Resident Scholar DHEP
40 GS2020PHYIPH013844 Int. Ph.D. Mr Akash  Maurya Resident Scholar DHEP
41 GS2020PHYIPH000611 Int. Ph.D. Mr Kshitij Vijay Sharma Resident Scholar DNAP
42 GS2020PHYIPH010279 Int. Ph.D. Mr Niladri Sekhar Dan Resident Scholar DNAP
43 GS2020PHYIPH019323 Int. Ph.D. Ms Sonali  Gupta Resident Scholar DNAP
44 GS2020PHYIPH002593 Int. Ph.D. Ms Sulagna  Bhattacharya Resident Scholar DTP
45 GS2020PHYIPH003585 Int. Ph.D. Mr Vibin  Narayanan V Resident Scholar DTP
46 GS2020PHYIPH004621 Int. Ph.D. Mr Vivek  Singh Resident Scholar DTP
47 GS2020PHYIPH005420 Int. Ph.D. Mr Syed Masud Ali Resident Scholar DTP
48 GS2020PHYIPH011970 Int. Ph.D. Mr Indranil  Dey Resident Scholar DTP
49 GS2020PHYIPH012013 Int. Ph.D. Mr Suriya  Selvarajan Resident Scholar DTP
50 GS2020PHYIPH015668 Int. Ph.D. Mr Rupak  Majumder Resident Scholar DTP
51 GS2020PHYIPH015707 Int. Ph.D. Mr Mrinal Kanti Sarkar Resident Scholar DTP
52 GS2020PHYIPH021744 Int. Ph.D. Mr Keshav Murli Janyani Resident Scholar DTP
53 GS2020PHYIPH000856 Int. Ph.D. Mr Yash Eknath Bhusare Resident Scholar NCRA
54 GS2020PHYIPH008013 Int. Ph.D. Mr Arpan  Pal Resident Scholar NCRA
55 GS2020PHYIPH012151 Int. Ph.D. Mr Archishman  Khasnovis Resident Scholar NCRA
56 GS2020PHYIPH012936 Int. Ph.D. Mr Jyotirmoy  Das Resident Scholar NCRA




Day-Scholar program:
Once a student receives a Day-Scholar admission offer, it cannot be converted into a Resident Scholar admission offer. Your acceptance of admission to the Day-Scholar program means that you understand that you will not be eligible for TIFR housing for the entire duration of your PhD (5 years) / I-PhD (6 years) studies.  Upon arrival at TIFR you will go through the same joining procedures as the resident scholar students with the exception that you will not participate in the housing assignment lottery. The stipend+contingency are the same as for the Resident Scholars except that Day-Scholars will also get an HRA in lieu of housing. All academic procedures are identical for Day-Scholars and Resident Scholars.

1 GS2020PHYPHD031750 Ph.D. Ms Haripriya  M Day Scholar DCMPMS
2 GS2020PHYPHD032331 Ph.D. Mr Sanjay  Kumar Day Scholar DCMPMS
3 GS2020PHYPHD008654 Ph.D. Mr Rahul  Srinivasan Day Scholar DHEP
4 GS2020PHYPHD001478 Ph.D. Mr Priyanshu  Tiwari Day Scholar DNAP
5 GS2020PHYIPH030515 Int. Ph.D. Mr Antik  Bhattacharya Day Scholar DCMPMS
6 GS2020PHYIPH004553 Int. Ph.D. Mr Tamoghna  Ray Day Scholar DHEP
7 GS2020PHYIPH024460 Int. Ph.D. Mr Animesh  Sah Day Scholar DHEP
8 GS2020PHYIPH006156 Int. Ph.D. Mr Harpreet  Singh Day Scholar DNAP