Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
(Deemed to be University)

Graduate School Admissions (GS-2020)


List of students selected for the Ph.D. Programme in Computer & Systems Sciences at TIFR, Mumbai

Selected students are required to send their acceptance of the offer of admission to gsch@tifr.res.in  AND prahladh@tifr.res.in
by August 25, 2020. 

ffer letters with more detailed information will be sent by email from the University Cell Office of TIFR soon.


1 GS2020TCSPHD006395 CS Mr Tanmay Yogesh Sule
2 GS2020TCSPHD012871 CS Mr Varun  Ramanathan
3 GS2020TCSPHD023701 CS Mr Praveen Sai Chinthaginjala
4 GS2020TCSPHD026778 CS Mr Prithwish  Jana
5 GS2020TCSPHD030127 CS Mr Kumar  Neelabh
6 GS2020TCSPHD031523 CS Mr Aditya  Subramanian
7 GS2020TCSPHD032839 CS Mr Pranshu  Gaba
8 GS2020TCSPHD033754 CS Mr Bhargav Deepakkumar Thankey
9 GS2020TCSPHD001379 SS Mr Gopal  Viswanathan
10 GS2020TCSPHD004997 SS Mr Hari Krishnan  P A
11 GS2020TCSPHD006747 SS Mr Mainak  Sanyal
12 GS2020TCSPHD034356 SS Mr Pranoy S Varma
13 GATE SS Mr Abhigyan Dutta