Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
(Deemed to be University)

Graduate School Admissions (GS-2020)

JEST2020 based admissions in Physics for GS2020

Academic Calendar and joining dates:  
This year is unusual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. GS-2020 students will physically join after they arrive here in person in the first week of January 2021. However, to ensure that you do not lose precious months, the academic calendar and classes will begin in online mode on September 2nd 2020.                    

1) Academic activities: The schedule of the initial week is below. All Resident scholars and Day-Scholars who have accepted admission by the acceptance deadline will receive direct communication from their respective departments/course coordinators about the details and schedule of the online sessions.

Tuesday September 2nd: Online start of the GS-2020 academic program.  Zoom link will be shared in due course.                  

4 pm:   Welcome session for all GS-2020 students            
            Welcome address by Director, TIFR
            Introduction of students and faculty                              
            Introduction of support staff and services                  

6 pm:   Department/subject-wise mixer

Coursework: Online coursework will begin per the schedule sent by the course coordinator of your Department/ Subject.                    

2) Joining information:                  
Arrival dates for Resident Scholars and Day scholars are given below. These dates are subject to revision based on the evolving situation with COVID-19.  Detailed joining instructions including what to do immediately upon arrival at TIFR will be sent approximately a month before the joining date.

Tuesday Jan 5th: I-PhD (men) resident scholars                   Thursday Jan 7th: PhD (men) and all women (I-PhD and PhD) resident scholars                  
Friday Jan 8th: All Day-Scholars (PhD, I-PhD, MSc) men and women                    

You are required to arrive between 08:00 - 15:00 on your specific arrival date. No special arrangements can be made outside these hours.

Selected students are required to send their acceptance of the admission to gsch@tifr.res.in by Saturday, August 29, 2020.

Detailed offer letters are being sent by the University Cell Office of TIFR, Mumbai.


List of students selected for the Resident Scholar programme PhD/I-Ph.D. at TIFR, Mumbai/NCRA, Pune.

P3200612 Ph.D. Mr Saurav Sen DAA
P5000404 Ph.D. Mr Debanjan Debnath DAA
P2600810 Ph.D. Ms Priyanka Kumari DCMPMS
P4100294 Ph.D. Mr Rahul Chand DCMPMS
P5100015 Ph.D. Mr Pritam Das DCMPMS
P2700320 Ph.D. Mr Shelake Mukund Nanasaheb DHEP
P4000268 Ph.D. Mr Shreyansh Singh DHEP
P2600235 Ph.D. Mr Manoj Gupta DNAP
P5100735 Ph.D. Mr Surajit Chakraborty DNAP
P4100364 Ph.D. Mr Saurav Suman DTP
P1000368 Ph.D. Ms Mohini NCRA
P5100315 Ph.D. Mr Sayan Maity NCRA
P2500187 Int. Ph.D. Mr Aman Kaushik DAA
P7500131 Int. Ph.D. Mr Mohit Raj Sah DAA
P4100548 Int. Ph.D. Ms Tanushree Jana DCMPMS
P5000319 Int. Ph.D. Ms Ayshi Mukherjee DCMPMS
P0200050 Int. Ph.D. Mr Harshul Gupta DHEP
P4100533 Int. Ph.D. Mr Susobhan Chattopadhyay DHEP
P2500804 Int. Ph.D. Mr Hardeep DNAP
P5000140 Int. Ph.D. Mr Anish Acharya DNAP
P1000391 Int. Ph.D. Mr Nakul Aggarwal DTP



List of students selected for the Day Scholar programme PhD/I-Ph.D. at TIFR, Mumbai.

P5000422 Ph.D. Mr Debayan Jana DCMPMS
P2600188 Integrated Ph.D. Mr Manav Beniwal DCMPMS
P5100075 Integrated Ph.D. Mr Rahul Shaw DHEP