Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
(Deemed to be University)

Graduate School Admissions (GS-2020)


List of students shortlisted for the second stage of selection
in Mathematics at TIFR, Mumbai on Saturday, March 7, 2020 at 11:00 a.m.
Reporting time : 10:00 a.m.
Please note that this second stage of the admission process in Mathematics is the last stage and there will be no interviews.
Formal email invitation for the second stage of selection will be sent soon.

1 GS2020MTHPHD000092 Ph.D. Mr Kabeer  Manali Rahul
2 GS2020MTHPHD000298 Ph.D. Mr Deepak  
3 GS2020MTHPHD000305 Ph.D. Ms Aratrika  Pandey
4 GS2020MTHPHD000693 Ph.D. Ms Sagarika  Dash
5 GS2020MTHPHD000730 Ph.D. Mr Adarsh  Raghuvanshi
6 GS2020MTHPHD000880 Ph.D. Mr Ayan  Mondal
7 GS2020MTHPHD001487 Ph.D. Ms Aasna  
8 GS2020MTHPHD001499 Ph.D. Mr Soumyaranjan  Satapathy
9 GS2020MTHPHD001632 Ph.D. Mr Ratul  Sau
10 GS2020MTHPHD002334 Ph.D. Mr Kaustav  Chatterjee
11 GS2020MTHPHD002925 Ph.D. Ms Neeraj  Kumari
12 GS2020MTHPHD004955 Ph.D. Mr Anand O R
13 GS2020MTHPHD005698 Ph.D. Mr Mihir Vilas Deo
14 GS2020MTHPHD005981 Ph.D. Mr Aanjaneya  Rath
15 GS2020MTHPHD006080 Ph.D. Mr Shabarish  Ch
16 GS2020MTHPHD006480 Ph.D. Mr Mainak  Bhowmik
17 GS2020MTHPHD007413 Ph.D. Mr Vivek  Sahu
18 GS2020MTHPHD007436 Ph.D. Mr Arkajit  Pal Choudhury
19 GS2020MTHPHD007641 Ph.D. Mr Sunil  Rampuria
20 GS2020MTHPHD009278 Ph.D. Mr Parvez  Rasul
21 GS2020MTHPHD009717 Ph.D. Mr Deepkumar Hasamukhbhai Makadiya
22 GS2020MTHPHD010668 Ph.D. Ms Deepika
23 GS2020MTHPHD010795 Ph.D. Mr Aishik  Chattopadhyay
24 GS2020MTHPHD010868 Ph.D. Ms Deblina  Dey
25 GS2020MTHPHD011667 Ph.D. Mr Pavan Hasmukhbhai Adroja
26 GS2020MTHPHD012057 Ph.D. Mr Bharathi  T
27 GS2020MTHPHD012447 Ph.D. Ms Sutanoya  Chakraborty
28 GS2020MTHPHD013103 Ph.D. Ms Saheli  Dutta
29 GS2020MTHPHD013623 Ph.D. Mr Debjit  Pal
30 GS2020MTHPHD013926 Ph.D. Ms Chitrarekha  Sahu
31 GS2020MTHPHD014261 Ph.D. Mr Soumyadip  Sahu
32 GS2020MTHPHD014282 Ph.D. Mr Swapan  Jana
33 GS2020MTHPHD015864 Ph.D. Mr Arkamouli  Debnath
34 GS2020MTHPHD015872 Ph.D. Mr Chirag  Singhal
35 GS2020MTHPHD016859 Ph.D. Mr Joydwip  Singh
36 GS2020MTHPHD017131 Ph.D. Ms Deepa  Sahchari
37 GS2020MTHPHD017341 Ph.D. Ms Kavita  Sonker
38 GS2020MTHPHD020288 Ph.D. Mr Sai Krishna  P M S
39 GS2020MTHPHD020654 Ph.D. Mr Amit Kumar 
40 GS2020MTHPHD021012 Ph.D. Mr Prajnanaswaroopa  S
41 GS2020MTHPHD021270 Ph.D. Ms Aroda Priyanka Darshanlal
42 GS2020MTHPHD021974 Ph.D. Mr Biswanath  Samanta
43 GS2020MTHPHD022655 Ph.D. Mr Abhinandan  Das
44 GS2020MTHPHD023545 Ph.D. Ms Ankita  Pal
45 GS2020MTHPHD024277 Ph.D. Mr Shakyajit  Paik
46 GS2020MTHPHD024400 Ph.D. Mr Devender Kumar 
47 GS2020MTHPHD024986 Ph.D. Mr Arghya  Rakshit
48 GS2020MTHPHD025001 Ph.D. Ms Shivli  
49 GS2020MTHPHD025303 Ph.D. Ms Shivani  Valecha
50 GS2020MTHPHD025378 Ph.D. Mr Amit Ramashray Yadav
51 GS2020MTHPHD025878 Ph.D. Mr Anil  Bansal
52 GS2020MTHPHD025966 Ph.D. Ms Kamalpreet Kaur 
53 GS2020MTHPHD026151 Ph.D. Mr Suraj  Panigrahy
54 GS2020MTHPHD026228 Ph.D. Mr Paras  Varshney
55 GS2020MTHPHD026470 Ph.D. Mr Soumik  Ghosh
56 GS2020MTHPHD026643 Ph.D. Mr Uday Sureshbhai Patel
57 GS2020MTHPHD026896 Ph.D. Mr Pradeep  Bisht
58 GS2020MTHPHD026926 Ph.D. Mr Rahul  
59 GS2020MTHPHD026998 Ph.D. Mr Hirendra Kumar Garai
60 GS2020MTHPHD027242 Ph.D. Mr Raghav  
61 GS2020MTHPHD027430 Ph.D. Mr Ritesh Kumar Pandey
62 GS2020MTHPHD027890 Ph.D. Mr Harish  Kishnani
63 GS2020MTHPHD028282 Ph.D. Mr Shrinit  Singh
64 GS2020MTHPHD029195 Ph.D. Mr Sagnik  Jana
65 GS2020MTHPHD030628 Ph.D. Mr Omkar Deepak Javadekar
66 GS2020MTHPHD030889 Ph.D. Mr Mohammed Saad Munaf Qadri
67 GS2020MTHPHD031308 Ph.D. Mr Sourav  Ghosh
68 GS2020MTHPHD031860 Ph.D. Mr Arunabha  Mukhopadhyay
69 GS2020MTHPHD031922 Ph.D. Mr Sarbajit  Dey
70 GS2020MTHPHD032498 Ph.D. Mr Soham  Chakraborty
71 GS2020MTHPHD032611 Ph.D. Mr Srijan  Ghosh
72 GS2020MTHPHD032840 Ph.D. Mr Raju  Dey
73 GS2020MTHPHD033027 Ph.D. Mr Parthasarathy Sai Telikicherla
74 GS2020MTHPHD033089 Ph.D. Mr Chirodeep  Mondal
75 GS2020MTHPHD033650 Ph.D. Ms Divya  
76 GS2020MTHPHD034022 Ph.D. Mr Sreehari  K
77 GS2020MTHPHD034207 Ph.D. Ms Pooja  
78 GS2020MTHPHD034211 Ph.D. Mr Venkataramana Manikanta  Patnana
79 GS2020MTHPHD034283 Ph.D. Mr Arpan  Sadhukhan
80 GS2020MTHPHD035272 Ph.D. Mr Elanchearan  R S
81 GS2020MTHPHD035433 Ph.D. Ms Deepa  Antony
82 GS2020MTHIPH000123 Int. Ph.D. Mr Umasankar  Khatua
83 GS2020MTHIPH000321 Int. Ph.D. Mr Rajat  
84 GS2020MTHIPH000336 Int. Ph.D. Mr Aritra  Bera
85 GS2020MTHIPH000383 Int. Ph.D. Mr Sumit Kumar Singh
86 GS2020MTHIPH000501 Int. Ph.D. Mr Arnab  Roy
87 GS2020MTHIPH000722 Int. Ph.D. Mr Rabi Kumar Chakraborty
88 GS2020MTHIPH002359 Int. Ph.D. Mr Sandeepan  Dasgupta
89 GS2020MTHIPH002488 Int. Ph.D. Mr Sourav  Dey
90 GS2020MTHIPH003230 Int. Ph.D. Mr Sudeep  Shaw
91 GS2020MTHIPH003871 Int. Ph.D. Mr Subham  Jaiswal
92 GS2020MTHIPH004861 Int. Ph.D. Mr Shrivathsa  Pandelu
93 GS2020MTHIPH005914 Int. Ph.D. Ms Bhavna Ashok Joshi
94 GS2020MTHIPH006030 Int. Ph.D. Mr Kaustabh  Mondal
95 GS2020MTHIPH007112 Int. Ph.D. Mr Parth Prashant Karnawat
96 GS2020MTHIPH007561 Int. Ph.D. Mr Siddharth Gopalkrishna Naik
97 GS2020MTHIPH007930 Int. Ph.D. Mr Dev Ranjan  Pandey
98 GS2020MTHIPH015014 Int. Ph.D. Mr Aniket  Chakraborty
99 GS2020MTHIPH016538 Int. Ph.D. Mr Ashutosh Roy  Choudhury
100 GS2020MTHIPH017643 Int. Ph.D. Mr Ravi  Jain
101 GS2020MTHIPH017678 Int. Ph.D. Ms Sonika
102 GS2020MTHIPH018343 Int. Ph.D. Mr Roktim  Mascharak
103 GS2020MTHIPH019047 Int. Ph.D. Mr Karmesh  Agarwal
104 GS2020MTHIPH020500 Int. Ph.D. Mr Arnab  Chowdhury
105 GS2020MTHIPH021288 Int. Ph.D. Mr Anurag  Saini
106 GS2020MTHIPH021728 Int. Ph.D. Mr Dheeraj  Dileep
107 GS2020MTHIPH023127 Int. Ph.D. Mr Sathasivam  K
108 GS2020MTHIPH024625 Int. Ph.D. Ms Nayan  Jain
109 GS2020MTHIPH030293 Int. Ph.D. Mr Parasuram  Venkatesh
110 GS2020MTHIPH030470 Int. Ph.D. Ms Kriti  Gupta
111 GS2020MTHIPH031444 Int. Ph.D. Mr Suhas Devraj Rao
112 GS2020MTHIPH035296 Int. Ph.D. Mr Praneet  Srivastava
113 GS2020MTHIPH035603 Int. Ph.D. Mr Deepak  Kumar
114 GS2020MTHIPH035993 Int. Ph.D. Mr Siddharth  Mulherkar