Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
(Deemed to be University)

Graduate School Admissions (GS-2020)


List of students shortlisted for written test II / interview for the Int. Ph.D. programme in PHYSICS
(Only for TIFR, Mumbai and NCRA, Pune)

The written test II will be held on
Tuesday, March 3, 2020 at 9:30 a.m.
Test Timing: 09:30 a.m. to 12:00 Noon
Reporting Time: 08:30 a.m.
There will be an orientation on the academic facilities of TIFR starting 02:00 p.m. onwards

Based on the performance in the written test II, list of students shortlisted for interview will be displayed on the
admissions website and on the Notice Board at the TIFR Main Gate
at the end of the day.
Email intimations will also be sent. 
Interviews of shortlisted students will commence on
Wednesday, March 4, 2020 from 09:30 a.m. onwards.  
Reporting Time: 09:00 a.m.

1 GS2020PHYIPH000079 Mr Krishan  Joshi
2 GS2020PHYIPH000457 Mr Jagadesh  B
3 GS2020PHYIPH000467 Mr Rishabh  Kaushik
4 GS2020PHYIPH000475 Mr Ravi  Kundu
5 GS2020PHYIPH000611 Mr Kshitij Vijay Sharma
6 GS2020PHYIPH000697 Mr Varghese  Reji
7 GS2020PHYIPH000727 Mr Shatanik  Bhattacharya
8 GS2020PHYIPH000856 Mr Yash Eknath Bhusare
9 GS2020PHYIPH000994 Mr Dushyant Kantibhai Dabhi
10 GS2020PHYIPH001234 Mr Abhishek  Roy
11 GS2020PHYIPH001397 Mr Parteek  Bansal
12 GS2020PHYIPH001522 Mr Rittick  Roy
13 GS2020PHYIPH001626 Mr Vikas  Kumar
14 GS2020PHYIPH001640 Mr Mata Prasad  Sharma
15 GS2020PHYIPH001671 Mr Nipun  
16 GS2020PHYIPH002031 Mr Suvajit  Sardar
17 GS2020PHYIPH002310 Mr Abhishek Satyavir Sharma
18 GS2020PHYIPH002593 Ms Sulagna  Bhattacharya
19 GS2020PHYIPH002605 Mr Surat  Layek
20 GS2020PHYIPH002710 Mr Swarn Pratap Singh
21 GS2020PHYIPH002722 Ms Kusum  Meena
22 GS2020PHYIPH002761 Mr Aakash  Gupta
23 GS2020PHYIPH002776 Ms Mitanshu Hundraj Sukhwani
24 GS2020PHYIPH002941 Ms Srija  Ghosh
25 GS2020PHYIPH003106 Mr Amit  Chaturvedi
26 GS2020PHYIPH003188 Mr Rishabh  Vij
27 GS2020PHYIPH003413 Mr Chandradip  Khamrai
28 GS2020PHYIPH003585 Mr Vibin  Narayanan V
29 GS2020PHYIPH003770 Ms Richa  Sharma
30 GS2020PHYIPH003869 Mr Edwin Peter Lobo
31 GS2020PHYIPH003881 Mr Sagnik  Mondal
32 GS2020PHYIPH004359 Mr Shikhar Kumar Gupta
33 GS2020PHYIPH004491 Mr Neel Sunil Vadodaria
34 GS2020PHYIPH004553 Mr Tamoghna  Ray
35 GS2020PHYIPH004621 Mr Vivek  Singh
36 GS2020PHYIPH005201 Mr Parth Dhaneshwarbhai Pandya
37 GS2020PHYIPH005420 Mr Syed Masud Ali
38 GS2020PHYIPH005521 Mr Alan George Sherry
39 GS2020PHYIPH005621 Mr Suvendra Kumar Sahoo
40 GS2020PHYIPH005820 Mr Rishabh Kumar Singh
41 GS2020PHYIPH006156 Mr Harpreet  Singh
42 GS2020PHYIPH006210 Mr Sankarshan  Sahu
43 GS2020PHYIPH007111 Mr Himanshu  Bishtaniya
44 GS2020PHYIPH007530 Mr Abeer  Banerjee
45 GS2020PHYIPH007662 Ms Khushboo  Gupta
46 GS2020PHYIPH007862 Ms Gaurav  Yogeshwar
47 GS2020PHYIPH008013 Mr Arpan  Pal
48 GS2020PHYIPH008472 Mr Ayush  Nema
49 GS2020PHYIPH008566 Mr Lakshay  Bhardwaj
50 GS2020PHYIPH009160 Mr Aman  Mehta
51 GS2020PHYIPH009700 Mr Nilanjan  Panda
52 GS2020PHYIPH009775 Mr Rishabh  Jha
53 GS2020PHYIPH009981 Ms Toshi  Parmar
54 GS2020PHYIPH010279 Mr Niladri Sekhar Dan
55 GS2020PHYIPH010717 Mr Kundan  Verma
56 GS2020PHYIPH010928 Mr Satyam  Pandey
57 GS2020PHYIPH011038 Mr Prajjalak  Chattopadhyay
58 GS2020PHYIPH011823 Mr Satyajit  Sarkar
59 GS2020PHYIPH011970 Mr Indranil  Dey
60 GS2020PHYIPH012013 Mr Suriya  Selvarajan
61 GS2020PHYIPH012151 Mr Archishman  Khasnovis
62 GS2020PHYIPH012666 Mr Arjun Singh Kasana
63 GS2020PHYIPH012855 Mr Tarang Praful Hirapra
64 GS2020PHYIPH012936 Mr Jyotirmoy  Das
65 GS2020PHYIPH013502 Mr Abhishek  Sharma
66 GS2020PHYIPH013785 Ms Sanskriti  Chitransh
67 GS2020PHYIPH013844 Mr Akash  Maurya
68 GS2020PHYIPH013851 Mr Abhishek  Hegade K R
69 GS2020PHYIPH014258 Mr Pulkit  Kukreja
70 GS2020PHYIPH014262 Mr Govindanunni  P
71 GS2020PHYIPH014505 Mr Parichay  Jain
72 GS2020PHYIPH014661 Mr Akash  Shukla
73 GS2020PHYIPH014981 Mr Aman  Singh
74 GS2020PHYIPH015440 Mr Aniruddha  Rana
75 GS2020PHYIPH015668 Mr Rupak  Majumder
76 GS2020PHYIPH015707 Mr Mrinal Kanti Sarkar
77 GS2020PHYIPH015882 Ms Mekhala Mahesh Paranjpe
78 GS2020PHYIPH016703 Mr Ashutosh  Gauttam
79 GS2020PHYIPH017473 Mr Sandip  Das
80 GS2020PHYIPH017954 Mr Abhinav  Muraleedharan
81 GS2020PHYIPH018459 Mr Pritesh  Srivastava
82 GS2020PHYIPH019123 Mr Vikhyat  Sharma
83 GS2020PHYIPH019234 Mr Manoj Kumar Chandola
84 GS2020PHYIPH019323 Ms Sonali  Gupta
85 GS2020PHYIPH019347 Mr Vidit  Gangwar
86 GS2020PHYIPH020912 Ms Varsha  
87 GS2020PHYIPH021744 Mr Keshav Murli Janyani
88 GS2020PHYIPH021885 Mr Harsh  Joon
89 GS2020PHYIPH021990 Mr Ravi Shankar Vaishnav
90 GS2020PHYIPH022159 Mr Soumil  Maulick
91 GS2020PHYIPH022372 Mr Devendra  Singh
92 GS2020PHYIPH023292 Mr Mayank  
93 GS2020PHYIPH023314 Mr Pushpendra  Yadav
94 GS2020PHYIPH023424 Mr Immanuel Jeremy Christen Miranda
95 GS2020PHYIPH023642 Mr Abishek  T
96 GS2020PHYIPH023800 Mr Avinash Kumar  Paladi
97 GS2020PHYIPH023826 Mr Alok Nath Singh
98 GS2020PHYIPH024460 Mr Animesh  Sah
99 GS2020PHYIPH025064 Mr Sowmaydeep  Dwivedi
100 GS2020PHYIPH026173 Mr Kanak Raj Sharma
101 GS2020PHYIPH026206 Mr Rohan  Jain
102 GS2020PHYIPH026800 Mr Saikhom Pravash Singh
103 GS2020PHYIPH026801 Mr Prabhat  Kumar
104 GS2020PHYIPH028004 Mr Rajarshi  Chattopadhyay
105 GS2020PHYIPH030152 Mr Yathindra Sai Rahul Mattegunta
106 GS2020PHYIPH030515 Mr Antik  Bhattacharya
107 GS2020PHYIPH030624 Mr Ankur  Shivhare
108 GS2020PHYIPH031887 Mr Shobith  Nelakanti
109 GS2020PHYIPH036299 Mr Shreenidhi  B