Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
(Deemed to be University)

Graduate School Admissions (GS-2020)


List of students shortlisted for written test II / interview for the Ph.D. programme in PHYSICS
(Only for TIFR, Mumbai and NCRA, Pune)

The written test II will be held on
Thursday, March 5, 2020 at 9:30 a.m.
Test Timing: 09:30 a.m. to 12:00 Noon
Reporting Time: 08:30 a.m.
There will be an orientation on the academic facilities of TIFR starting 02:00 p.m. onwards

Based on the performance in the written test II, list of students shortlisted for interview will be displayed on the
admissions website and on the Notice Board at the TIFR Main Gate
at the end of the day.
Email intimations will also be sent. 
Interviews of shortlisted students will commence on
Friday, March 6, 2020 from 09:30 a.m. onwards.  
Reporting Time: 09:00 a.m.

1 GS2020PHYPHD000157 Mr Kumar  Yash
2 GS2020PHYPHD000587 Mr Aranya  Khonary
3 GS2020PHYPHD000969 Mr Soumyabrata  Saha
4 GS2020PHYPHD001263 Ms Aayushi  Verma
5 GS2020PHYPHD001478 Mr Priyanshu  Tiwari
6 GS2020PHYPHD001944 Mr Umesh  Kumar
7 GS2020PHYPHD001950 Mr Vishal Kumar Pathak
8 GS2020PHYPHD002367 Mr Vishal  
9 GS2020PHYPHD002389 Mr Lalit Singh Bhandari
10 GS2020PHYPHD002903 Mr Hari Prasaad  B J
11 GS2020PHYPHD003255 Mr Ananga Mohan Datta
12 GS2020PHYPHD004155 Mr Dibyanandan  Bhowmick
13 GS2020PHYPHD004528 Mr Debjoty  Paul
14 GS2020PHYPHD004947 Mr Suman  Karmakar
15 GS2020PHYPHD005061 Mr Arpan  Hait
16 GS2020PHYPHD005444 Mr Saikat  Mondal
17 GS2020PHYPHD005488 Mr Surajit  Manna
18 GS2020PHYPHD005535 Mr Arpan  Hati
19 GS2020PHYPHD005882 Mr Raghav  
20 GS2020PHYPHD005960 Mr Sparsh  Gupta
21 GS2020PHYPHD006252 Mr Arpit  Raj
22 GS2020PHYPHD006678 Mr Pinaki  Nayak
23 GS2020PHYPHD006923 Mr Yash  Rana
24 GS2020PHYPHD007110 Mr Javed Akhter Mondal
25 GS2020PHYPHD007179 Mr Aadarsh  Singh
26 GS2020PHYPHD007342 Ms Nifeeya  Singh
27 GS2020PHYPHD007432 Mr Vikrant  Tomar
28 GS2020PHYPHD007733 Mr Subhajit  Supakar
29 GS2020PHYPHD007868 Mr Rahul  Sharan
30 GS2020PHYPHD007923 Mr Tanmay  Pani
31 GS2020PHYPHD007962 Mr Sreehari  A P
32 GS2020PHYPHD008654 Mr Rahul  Srinivasan
33 GS2020PHYPHD009283 Mr Biswajit  Maji
34 GS2020PHYPHD009365 Mr Vishu  Gupta
35 GS2020PHYPHD009477 Ms Kiran  
36 GS2020PHYPHD010270 Mr Sunil Singh Bohra
37 GS2020PHYPHD010746 Mr Faizan Pervaiz Bhat
38 GS2020PHYPHD010827 Mr Paras  Kumar
39 GS2020PHYPHD011264 Mr Ajay  Mohan
40 GS2020PHYPHD011470 Mr Rathnakaran  S R
41 GS2020PHYPHD011634 Mr Debamalya  Dutta
42 GS2020PHYPHD012523 Mr Brijesh Kumar Upadhyay
43 GS2020PHYPHD012541 Mr Mohd  Ali
44 GS2020PHYPHD012684 Mr Mohan Karthik Gandiboyina
45 GS2020PHYPHD012740 Mr Suvajit  Paul
46 GS2020PHYPHD012902 Mr Koushik  Bhattacharya
47 GS2020PHYPHD012921 Mr Amit  Basu
48 GS2020PHYPHD013596 Mr Subhransu Kumar Panda
49 GS2020PHYPHD013815 Mr Goutam  Manna
50 GS2020PHYPHD013828 Mr Debojit  Chanda
51 GS2020PHYPHD014516 Mr Amartya  Pal
52 GS2020PHYPHD015184 Ms Sharmila
53 GS2020PHYPHD015340 Mr Mrunmay Milind Jagadale
54 GS2020PHYPHD015598 Mr Himanshu  Chaudhary
55 GS2020PHYPHD015600 Mr Arkaprabha  Bhowmik
56 GS2020PHYPHD015989 Ms Amala  Augusthy
57 GS2020PHYPHD016276 Mr Swarnim Sunil Shirke
58 GS2020PHYPHD016790 Mr Sudipta  Biswas
59 GS2020PHYPHD017447 Mr Rishav  Banduri
60 GS2020PHYPHD018276 Mr Sagnik  Misra
61 GS2020PHYPHD018423 Ms Anjana  M
62 GS2020PHYPHD018465 Mr Satyendra Singh Gusain
63 GS2020PHYPHD019064 Mr Varun  Pandey
64 GS2020PHYPHD019400 Mr Biplab  Mahato
65 GS2020PHYPHD020197 Mr Subhakanta  Das
66 GS2020PHYPHD021206 Mr Lokesh  Kumar
67 GS2020PHYPHD021244 Mr Dibyendu  Mondal
68 GS2020PHYPHD021269 Mr Ankur  Chauhan
69 GS2020PHYPHD021848 Ms Bharti  Matta
70 GS2020PHYPHD022082 Mr Amit  Tyagi
71 GS2020PHYPHD022128 Mr Vyshakh  B.R
72 GS2020PHYPHD022298 Mr Rahul  Verma
73 GS2020PHYPHD023077 Mr Sharath  Sasikumar
74 GS2020PHYPHD023575 Mr Vishnu  P
75 GS2020PHYPHD023731 Mr Pratyusava  Baral
76 GS2020PHYPHD023745 Ms Kshyanaprava  Pradhan
77 GS2020PHYPHD024069 Ms Unnimaya  M
78 GS2020PHYPHD024210 Mr Saran  V
79 GS2020PHYPHD024669 Ms Vismaya  Vs
80 GS2020PHYPHD024831 Mr Deep Chand Prajapat
81 GS2020PHYPHD025035 Mr Samarth  Chawla
82 GS2020PHYPHD025097 Mr Gorachand  Das
83 GS2020PHYPHD025115 Mr Siddhant  
84 GS2020PHYPHD025246 Mr Naveen  Kumar
85 GS2020PHYPHD025474 Mr Sabyasachi  Chowdhury
86 GS2020PHYPHD025491 Mr Nikhil  Tanwar
87 GS2020PHYPHD026149 Mr Madhu  
88 GS2020PHYPHD027429 Mr Abhinav  Tripathi
89 GS2020PHYPHD027667 Mr Atul  Jaiswal
90 GS2020PHYPHD027727 Mr Narendra Kumar Yadav
91 GS2020PHYPHD027933 Ms Susmita  Tripathy
92 GS2020PHYPHD029159 Mr Omkar Sadanand Dhamane
93 GS2020PHYPHD029296 Mr Devineni Varaprasad Naidu
94 GS2020PHYPHD029662 Ms Sayna  Sarna
95 GS2020PHYPHD029858 Mr Sounak  Hajra
96 GS2020PHYPHD031170 Mr Vishal  Yadav
97 GS2020PHYPHD031750 Ms Haripriya  M
98 GS2020PHYPHD031834 Mr Anjishnu  Bose
99 GS2020PHYPHD031906 Ms Aparajitha  Karthikeyan
100 GS2020PHYPHD032119 Ms Priyanka  Arun
101 GS2020PHYPHD032331 Mr Sanjay  Kumar
102 GS2020PHYPHD033543 Mr Aravinth  S
103 GS2020PHYPHD033716 Mr Himanshu  Dev
104 GS2020PHYPHD034381 Mr Suneel Chandra Reddy  Vemula
105 GS2020PHYPHD034653 Mr Aswin  P M
106 GS2020PHYPHD034919 Mr Ashish  Narayan
107 GS2020PHYPHD035274 Mr Gourab  Panigrahi
108 GS2020PHYPHD035358 Mr Goldy  Ahuja
109 GS2020PHYPHD035778 Ms Ancyline J Maliakkal