Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
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Graduate School Admissions (GS-2021)

Application in Systems Science

GATE score based applications in Systems Science (including Communications and Machine Learning):

Students with exceptional performance in GATE examination of 2019-2021 in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Mathematics may apply for the Ph.D. program in Systems Science without appearing for the TIFR Entrance Test.  

In case a student who has taken the TIFR Systems Science Entrance Test and also submits a GATE score based application, the better of the two performances will be considered.

Shortlisted GATE score based applicants will be invited to attend an interview in May 2021.

Click here to submit online application.

Above link will be active from January 31, 2021.

Last date for submission of application : April 12, 2021.


Please note that for GATE score based applications:

1. Only online applications are accepted.
2. There is NO application fee.
3. We will contact ONLY the shortlisted candidates in the near future.
4. You will not be able to use the reference number from GATE score based  application to log into the GS-2021 website. GATE score based applicants do not need to log into GS-2021 website.

Queries if any, may be sent to gsch@tifr.res.in