Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
(Deemed to be University)

Graduate School Admissions (GS-2022)


List of students shortlisted for interview in CHEMISTRY
at TIFR, Mumbai

Interview Mode : Online
Interview Dates : March 1-4, 2022


Students shortlisted for interview for the Ph.D. programme.

1 GS2022CHMPHD000325 Ph.D. Mr Tanmoy Tridip Dutta
2 GS2022CHMPHD000460 Ph.D. Mr Nirav Haresh Chandan
3 GS2022CHMPHD000464 Ph.D. Mr Rakesh  
4 GS2022CHMPHD000846 Ph.D. Ms Aakanksha  Kumari
5 GS2022CHMPHD001258 Ph.D. Mr Simesh  Kumar
6 GS2022CHMPHD001558 Ph.D. Ms Elka  Bhattacharya
7 GS2022CHMPHD001688 Ph.D. Ms Debolina  Basu
8 GS2022CHMPHD001863 Ph.D. Ms Karuna  Kardam
9 GS2022CHMPHD002431 Ph.D. Mr Pankaj Kiran Swain
10 GS2022CHMPHD003499 Ph.D. Mr Nilojyoti  Sahoo
11 GS2022CHMPHD003777 Ph.D. Mr Subhajit  Singha
12 GS2022CHMPHD003946 Ph.D. Ms Anakshi  Boruah
13 GS2022CHMPHD005501 Ph.D. Mr Sumit  Ranjan
14 GS2022CHMPHD005694 Ph.D. Mr Gnana Maheswar  Kothapalli
15 GS2022CHMPHD006369 Ph.D. Mr Srijan  Sengupta
16 GS2022CHMPHD006421 Ph.D. Mr Nitish  Kumar
17 GS2022CHMPHD007087 Ph.D. Ms Shivani  Gupta
18 GS2022CHMPHD007192 Ph.D. Mr Amit  
19 GS2022CHMPHD007665 Ph.D. Mr Soumik  Kundu
20 GS2022CHMPHD007991 Ph.D. Ms Rama  Rathi
21 GS2022CHMPHD008122 Ph.D. Ms Amrita  Maity
22 GS2022CHMPHD008767 Ph.D. Mr Shashi Shekhar  Sahoo
23 GS2022CHMPHD008773 Ph.D. Ms Priya  Gupta
24 GS2022CHMPHD009277 Ph.D. Ms Neeru  
25 GS2022CHMPHD009311 Ph.D. Mr Padmapani  Pradhan
26 GS2022CHMPHD009450 Ph.D. Ms Chandreyee  Banerjee
27 GS2022CHMPHD010008 Ph.D. Mr Koushik  Chalki
28 GS2022CHMPHD010601 Ph.D. Mr Subimal  Patra
29 GS2022CHMPHD010725 Ph.D. Mr Sahib  
30 GS2022CHMPHD011068 Ph.D. Ms Sowmya Shree R
31 GS2022CHMPHD011628 Ph.D. Mr Aritra  Guha
32 GS2022CHMPHD012473 Ph.D. Ms Minali  
33 GS2022CHMPHD013797 Ph.D. Ms Poulami  Chakraborty
34 GS2022CHMPHD014731 Ph.D. Mr Pritam  Ghosh
35 GS2022CHMPHD015322 Ph.D. Mr Rahul Maganbhai Parmar
36 GS2022CHMPHD015530 Ph.D. Ms Srishti  
37 GS2022CHMPHD015673 Ph.D. Ms Afshan  Jahan
38 GS2022CHMPHD016030 Ph.D. Mr Mano Ranjan Barik
39 GS2022CHMPHD017083 Ph.D. Mr Akash  Panda
40 GS2022CHMPHD017258 Ph.D. Ms Ananya  Nayak
41 GS2022CHMPHD017680 Ph.D. Mr Purna Chandra Pramanik
42 GS2022CHMPHD017881 Ph.D. Mr Subhraneel  Mukherjee
43 GS2022CHMPHD017882 Ph.D. Mr Siddharth  Mishra
44 GS2022CHMPHD018383 Ph.D. Mr Dibyendu  Bhowmick
45 GS2022CHMPHD019513 Ph.D. Ms Vandana Amarnath Tiwari
46 GS2022CHMPHD019588 Ph.D. Mr Shuvadip  Pradhan
47 GS2022CHMPHD019670 Ph.D. Mr Mrinal Kanti Kar
48 GS2022CHMPHD020579 Ph.D. Mr Aryabhata  Bharadvaj
49 GS2022CHMPHD020590 Ph.D. Mr Deepak  Yadav
50 GS2022CHMPHD023329 Ph.D. Mr Vignesh  K

Students shortlisted for interview for the Integrated
M.Sc.-Ph.D. programme.

1 GS2022CHMIPH000232 Int. Ph.D. Mr Sayan  Goswami
2 GS2022CHMIPH000287 Int. Ph.D. Mr Daivik  Banerjee
3 GS2022CHMIPH000609 Int. Ph.D. Mr Sourav  Kabari
4 GS2022CHMIPH000706 Int. Ph.D. Mr Diamond  Kushwaha
5 GS2022CHMIPH001975 Int. Ph.D. Ms Nishita  Avasthi
6 GS2022CHMIPH002230 Int. Ph.D. Mr Nilarun  Koley
7 GS2022CHMIPH003208 Int. Ph.D. Mr Ashish  Bora
8 GS2022CHMIPH003346 Int. Ph.D. Mr Soumen  Ghosh
9 GS2022CHMIPH003390 Int. Ph.D. Mr Soumya  Chaudhury
10 GS2022CHMIPH003787 Int. Ph.D. Mr Souvik  Mondal
11 GS2022CHMIPH004212 Int. Ph.D. Ms Dharna  Yadav
12 GS2022CHMIPH004720 Int. Ph.D. Mr Swarnadeep  Manna
13 GS2022CHMIPH004879 Int. Ph.D. Mr Devansh  Sharma
14 GS2022CHMIPH006161 Int. Ph.D. Mr Alok Apan Swatiputra
15 GS2022CHMIPH006581 Int. Ph.D. Mr Sumit  
16 GS2022CHMIPH007096 Int. Ph.D. Mr Arka  Manna
17 GS2022CHMIPH007654 Int. Ph.D. Mr Mihir  Khulbe
18 GS2022CHMIPH008346 Int. Ph.D. Mr Bikram  Pal
19 GS2022CHMIPH009192 Int. Ph.D. Mr Amartya  Adak
20 GS2022CHMIPH009401 Int. Ph.D. Mr Ankit  Mondal
21 GS2022CHMIPH009464 Int. Ph.D. Mr Sougat  Das
22 GS2022CHMIPH010974 Int. Ph.D. Ms Kirti  
23 GS2022CHMIPH011710 Int. Ph.D. Mr Soubhagya  Maji
24 GS2022CHMIPH011735 Int. Ph.D. Mr Arka  Ghosh
25 GS2022CHMIPH011736 Int. Ph.D. Mr Sukhendu  Manna
26 GS2022CHMIPH011923 Int. Ph.D. Ms Jyotirsikha  Dalal
27 GS2022CHMIPH014174 Int. Ph.D. Mr Chirantan  Mitra
28 GS2022CHMIPH014993 Int. Ph.D. Mr Sharath Chandra Chinnam Shetti
29 GS2022CHMIPH016073 Int. Ph.D. Mr Sarthak  Kedar
30 GS2022CHMIPH017117 Int. Ph.D. Mr Upanshu  Shekhar
31 GS2022CHMIPH017272 Int. Ph.D. Mr Sayandeep  Bhaskar
32 GS2022CHMIPH017307 Int. Ph.D. Mr Md Khushnood Alam
33 GS2022CHMIPH018100 Int. Ph.D. Mr Abhradip  Mallik
34 GS2022CHMIPH020916 Int. Ph.D. Mr Krushna Nanda Mishra
35 GS2022CHMIPH022254 Int. Ph.D. Mr Gautam Kumar Singh
36 GS2022CHMIPH023820 Int. Ph.D. Mr Subhajit  Mahanty